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Wealth and You

Back in the 1900’s, the American Dream for many was to purchase their own home, but for the average American today that is slowly fading away. The number one dream for many is to become debt free. With student loans and credit card debt, many Americans have found that living in debt is not a lifestyle they want to live forever. Though many adults were raised in homes were they saw their parents struggling to make ends meet, there is still hope for them to establish wealth for themselves. Many people think when it comes to finances, it is boring. That’s because for a long time people have talked about finances in a way that made you feel as if you were in a foreign language class. I too felt like finances were a difficult subject to talk about until I started going through my own experiences. If that was your reason for delaying your wealth journey, then Financial Parenthood is your rescue. This book keeps things simple, clear, and doable to help you learn with ease. This book will help give your children exposure to things they should be prepared for in their future. Together as a family you can turn your financial house around by investing in your future today.

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