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Meet Sheena

It is no longer a "maybe " to be a financial parent, it is a "must".  Every child is different, so every approach must vary.  It is not about adopting financial concepts, it is about adapting and choosing the right tools (in the right order) based on your goals, history, and resources.


Sheena has spent several years in the financial industry teaching individuals life changing concepts to help increase their net worth.  When she consistently heard her clients wishing they would have learned the information she was teaching when they were younger, she knew she needed to put her focus where it mattered-advising, teaching, speaking, writing, and owning her own agency teaching parents how to raise up wealthy children starting from birth.


Today, Sheena is the President and founder of Financial Parent Academy, a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to helping parents, children, and growing adults reach financial success.  She developed a simple, clear, and doable system for financial parenting that helps analyze children's needs , prescribe the next steps,  and continually guide parents as their accountability partner. Sheena is hired to give educational and inspirational talks at conferences and workshops to empower parents and to help them incorporate smart financial parenting techniques.  


"I am dedicated to making a visible change in financial education by equipping parents with the necessary information to birth a rich kid."

                               - Sheena Robinson

Sheena Robinson, The Financial Parent Consultant, is a certified financial educator,certified life coach, entrepreneur, empowerment speaker, and the author of Financial Parenthood: The Keys to Raising a Rich Kid.  She hosts financial parenting workshops monthly to help parents transition into their new role.


Within the workshops, she takes parents through her rich kid formula to ensure they are properly preparing their children for financial success.  She teaches parents how to intentionally raise up wealthy children.


Sheena along with the FPA teachers give parents a personalized experience like no other by walking with them every step of the way.  Parents are able to participate in additional workshops and events as well to help them maintain their status as a financial parent.

Financial Parent

Financial Parent

Financial Parent

Financial Parent

Financial Parent

Financial Parent

Financial Parent

Financial Parent



The Rules of Money


Strategic Planning

Legacy Transfer

Financial Parenting

The Financial Parent Consultant

Sheena on MLT Radio

Financial Parenthood 

takes Sheena's years of expertise and breaks it down into 12 easy-to-apply chapters. 


Whether you are a parent on the go or stay at home, this book can help you learn new ways to incorporate financial parenting in your home and birth wealthy children.

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