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Love and Legacy

As a parent, have you thought about what your legacy will be to your children when you are no longer here? Rather than planning for their future,

many parents only focus on today. Don't get me wrong, I understand for many people it is hard to see past your current circumstances, however, we should still have expectations for ourselves as parents. What would you like for your child to remember most about you?

It is important that you analyze yourself daily and get an understanding of how you want to impact your child the most in their lives. Most children see their parents as their heroes. Is that how you want your child to see you? Do you want to be known as the one who has the most influence in their life?

These are the things as parents, we have to think about. In today's society we are competing with reality shows and other shows on television that often have a greater influence on children. Are you working long hours trying to provide for your child, but you are missing a relationship with your child? Rather it be traditional parenting or financial parenting, it is important to invest time in your child to gain their attention.

Parents must go beyond just the title of being a parent and make a difference in the lives of their children in a way that impacts them for years to come in a positive way. My challenge to you is to invest in your child and give them an opportunity to remember you in the best way. What will your legacy be?

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