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Kids and Holidays

Are you training your children?

The Holiday Season is officially here! What does that mean for your family? For many families, they are preparing to spend the holidays with loved ones. Every family has their own unique way of celebrating. I remember when I was younger how excited I was about Thanksgiving and Christmas because of all the delicious foods I would get to eat. As I got older, I began to cherish the time I spent with my family. Now that I am an adult, the holidays are a time for me to reflect back on my past and the things I have overcome in my life with an attitude of gratitude. It is also a time for me to spend time with my family and help others in need.

I believe throughout the year we should give back to our communities, but especially during the holiday season when many people find themselves alone or not financially stable. As we teach our children to save their money, we should make sure we are teaching them how to give their time and money to others. By doing so, you help lessen the chances of your children having the spirit of entitlement. There is something about giving to others that gives you way more joy than money could every buy.

Whether it is volunteering at a local shelter, feeding the homeless, giving old clothing away, donating old toys, or making a small monetary donation, your child can begin helping others now. This year my family was blessed by someone. A six-year-old little girl no longer wanted some of her toys, so she decided to give them to my daughter. The look on my three-year-old daughter’s face when she received the toys was priceless.

What we think is old becomes a treasure for someone else. Let’s not use this holiday season to just make sure our families our taken care of, but let’s help make an impact in the lives of others. When we give with a cheerful spirit it comes right back to us. Have a great holiday season!

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