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What age should children learn about finances?

When it comes to financial parenting, parents should start teaching children as early as two-years-old financial concepts. At this age, parents should begin teaching children how to "pay themselves first" and expose them to money. Parents should invest in getting their children a piggy bank or a savings jar to save in.

The earlier you teach children how to pay themselves first the longer they will have to make it a habit. Many children who learn this concept when they are an adult find it much harder to pay themselves first. They tend to become consumed with paying bills and other things rather than planning for their financial future. Many of them feel as if they are living from check to check and never have enough to put back to save for their future.

When you start as early as two, you are helping your child have a higher chance of living the best life possible when they are older. Why not give your child a chance to learn financial education as early as possible?

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