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Understanding Money

Are you winning or losing in the money game? When it comes to money and how to acquire it, we all have our own ways of doing so. If you want to become a doctor or a teacher, the choice is yours. Although we have a choice on what we can do to make money, it is important that we learn how to get the most growth on our money. Too many people work hard for the money and miss the opportunity to start building wealth for themselves by allowing their money to work for them. As a result, they go in circles year after year living from paycheck to paycheck. In order for people to have a chance to get the most growth on their money, they must understand the Rule of 72. This concept was created by Albert Einstein and helps you understand the power of interest. Many people are missing out on the positive side of this rule, but know the negative side to well. They purchase cars with high interest rates or they pay just the minimum back on their credit cards. As a result, they pay their lenders more money than they intended to. Too many people are not properly educated on how they can save more money rather than wasting it.

In the book, Financial Parenthood, you will learn how to utilize the positive side of the Rule of 72 and grow your money faster. You will also learn about different assets you can invest your money in and get a decent rate of return and NEVER lose money or pay taxes legally. To win in the money game, you have to understand how money works. What better way to improve your family’s net worth than to invest in your family’s financial education?

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