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Teens and Money

As a teen, I got my first job when I was 16 working for McDonalds. I remember how I was so excited to get my first check, so I could go out and spend it. The thought of saving money never crossed my mind. I didn’t have a savings account established and I had no idea that it was important to do so until I was 18. Between graduating from high school and going to college, I was employed twice. I made a decent amount of money and bought the things I wanted. When I entered college, I opened up a checking and savings account. I utilized my checking account for paying bills, but I did not utilize my savings the best way.

When I look at my childhood, I realize I was not properly exposed to the financial world before leaving home. After making some financial mistakes and joining the financial industry, I realized the need for financial education. My goal now is to help as many young people as possible have a much better financial start than I did.

​You will learn in the book, Financial Parenthood , when you should set up certain accounts for children and learn the importance of doing so. I see many young people working jobs and doing the same things I used to do with my money and it breaks my heart. I am not saying a teenager has to save all their money and never get a chance to enjoy their life, but I am saying there is a proper way to make sure you are well balanced financially.

My hope for you as a parent is that you realize the importance of starting early with financial education. We cannot redo our past, but we can help our children have a bright future.

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