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What direction is your family headed?

When most parents have children, they are focused on being the traditional parent who provides all the things their children need to survive. Often in the midst of providing, they forget to talk to their children about their financial future. In the world we live in today, financial parenting is needed more than ever to help the next generation make the best decisions with their money.

It is so easy to get caught up with mainstream America and find yourself in debt. It is important to start teaching children at an early age how to take control of their future if you want to see them thrive. What good is it to make all the money in the world, but still find yourself broke because you spent all of it? In the book, Financial Parenthood, you will learn ways to properly help position your child for a bright financial future.

Being broke is a state of mind. It is important to change the way you look at things if that is how you currently feel. As adults, you subconsciously teach your children the same mentality. It is important for you to help your children understand why they can't have the things they want when your resources are limited. Simply stating it is not a financial priority right now can cause your child to learn how to position things that they may want in life into a different prospective rather than them having a mindset of lack.

No matter what your money story was growing up, you will find that you picked up habits from your parents. It is important to start planning now for your children's financial future to help them see how much better life can be. As a parent, what financial habits are you leaving behind to your next generation?

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